Synthetic Organic Chemist (PhD)

Position Title                Synthetic Organic Chemist (PhD)
Work Location             Oss, The Netherland
Functional Area           Research & Development
Job Type                    Full Time

Job Description

We are looking for a motivated Synthetic Organic Chemist (PhD) to join our research team in Oss. The focus of this challenging position is the design and synthesis of advanced prodrugs for oral drug delivery. You are expected to perform the projects in a resourceful, self-sufficient manner. You will make use of general and proprietary chemistry, but you are also expected to contribute to the design of alternative approaches to achieve desired outcomes. You will work in a small team with short lines to the management team. Your work involves both collaboration projects with (large) pharmaceutical companies, as well as development of our own pipeline.

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and perform synthetic chemistry experiments
  • Keep abreast of scientific literature and routinely incorporate new insights into research proposals and activities
  • Explore the feasibility of applying new scientific concepts, and implement and validate novel experimental approaches and technologies to achieve project goals
  • Contribute to patent and/or publication preparation
  • Share experiences, knowledge and developments in the field with fellow scientists from PharmaCytics.

Desired profile:

  • Completed PhD education in (bio)organic chemistry
  • Broad experience with organic synthesis of bioactive molecules. You are also expected to be familiar with modern synthesis and purification methods, as well as establishing purity (UPLC-MS) and identity (NMR, MS) of the synthesized products. Previous experience with conjugation techniques is an advantage
  • Previous experience in a pharmaceutical industry setting is an advantage
  • Strong collaborative and communication skill with entrepreneurial and result-oriented spirit
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.
  • License to work in the EU

We offer:

A challenging and independent position with plenty of room for your own ideas. Good working conditions, including a pension scheme and development opportunities. You will enter a company with an informal and personal culture with different nationalities. We are a young company, and you will help shape the company through your work.

About PharmaCytics

PharmaCytics is a pharmaceutical Research company, specialized in synthetic chemistry, and produces bioactive molecules to study and manipulate biological systems. The company has extensive expertise on medicinal chemistry and drug delivery, with emphasis on advanced prodrug technology.

We are a team of scientists and business experts, highly motivated to develop new and value-added therapies to relieve medical issues of patients. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions for drug delivery by facilitating transport of biomolecules through cellular membranes. By combining knowledge of cellular processes with medicinal chemistry expertise, we have developed proprietary technology to solve absorption problems of (oral) medication by exploiting the high transport capacity of specific carrier proteins. The technology also holds promise to facilitate uptake of anticancer drugs into tumor cells and to enable passage of CNS active compounds through the blood-brain barrier.

Your efforts developing advanced prodrugs will be meaningful for patients, because they e.g. have fewer side effects, higher efficacy and/or they can be converted from intravenous (IV) to orally administered drugs.

For more information about PharmaCytics and our Technology, please refer to our Technology.

For more information on the vacancy please contact:

Dr. G.H. Veeneman, CSO
+31 6 24477775

Interested? Send your motivation and CV to